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Get rid of the enormous pain of not knowing what to do with the knowledge you have learnt.

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Learning programming on your own is hard!

I am a software engineer, I know from experience. I remember I felt frustrated every time I was stuck and had no one to help.
It doesn't have to be that way!

Does it sound familiar?

You do not fully understand JavaScript despite having taken many courses.

You have learnt a lot but still do not know how to apply this knowledge in practice.

You often get stuck for hours or even days trying to figure out a solution asking strangers on the Internet.

You struggle with design patterns, data structures, security-related issues and other complex stuff.

👉 There is a way to get you unstuck!!!

I will help you to convert theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

I will explain why:

  • learning data structures and Frontend related algorithms right from the start is super important;
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript are NOT the only technologies you need to learn;
  • you must avoid learning frameworks and libraries until you master the fundamentals of JavaScript;
  • you should learn ES5 before ES6;
  • design patterns are easy if you apply them in real-life projects;

And those "aha" moments will come soon!

We will put everything into practice by creating a Trello clone.

Hi, my name is Sandor. I am going full steam to help beginners with learning practical skills!

You can learn more about me visiting my website

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